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Steve Ivy

My privileged, suburban zip code in Gilbert, AZ is 12 square miles. I remember when we had 18 cases of #covid19. We’re at 530 now.

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I'm begging you, do the right thing

John Gruber responds to a new article in The Guardian that people with even mild coronavirus systems can be having serious brain disorders (for example strokes, encephalomyelitis, and psychotic episodes):

Germany yesterday reported 298 new cases of COVID-19.

The U.S. reported over 55,000. Just yesterday. It is raging out of control here in the United States. It’s that simple. We’ve lost any handle on it we might have had, infections are now raging out of control, and a large segment of the population has decided to pretend it isn’t happening and isn’t a big deal if you do get it.

For those of us who’ve been taking this seriously since March, it’s soul-crushing that this is where we’re at after four months of isolation. It sucks. We who’ve done the right thing are the ones most yearning for — and let’s be honest, most deserving of — a few tastes of normalcy.

I am begging everyone I know - please recognize that it is insane, or worse cruel, to pretend this isn’t happening, or that it’s a plot from people on the other end of a political spectrum to inconvenience you or steal your precious individual liberties… this is hundreds of thousands of friends and families suffering or dead.

Do the right thing — stay home as much as you can, wear a mask and keep your distance when you’re out. You don’t want to get this and you don’t want your family to get it.

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Steve Ivy

We’re number one! #arizona #transmission #covid19 @dougducey

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Vacation in the Time of COVID

Soon we are headed out to California for 5 days just to get out of Arizona for a bit. But this is not “vacation”, this is “move the quarantine temporarily to another state”. We realized this morning that planning family #travel is more complicated now, with way less mental energy available to plan.

What used to be pretty standard “get us out of the house for 5 days” activities now feel like huge tasks which we have to accomplish with our brains 94% occupied by #covid19, #blacklivesmatter, #racism, and other current events. Just the idea of cleaning house (for the pet-sitter) feels insurmountable.

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Dear Governor Ducey

Sent today to the office of #arizona Governor Ducey:

Governor Ducey,

It is paramount that in the face of skyrocketing #COVID19 cases in Arizona, your office issue actionable guidance on mask/face covering usage to slow the community spread of the novel coronavirus. My family and I wear masks anytime we leave the house or our car, but we see almost no one doing the same right now unless the destination specifically requires it.

There are too many citizens who take your office’s “recommendations” as hand-waving suggestions, and the numbers speak for themselves.

Please, for the sake of your citizens, speak out quickly and strongly. Mandate mask usage in public for all our safety.


–Steve Ivy Gilbert, AZ

Arizona residents: Contact Governor Ducey

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Arizonans: Wear. A. Mask.

Research continues to show that masks/face coverings DO help prevent community spread of the #covid19 virus. Please, Arizonans: wear masks anytime you are well, most any place.

Population-wide face mask use could push COVID-19 transmission down to controllable levels for national epidemics, and could prevent further waves of the pandemic disease when combined with lockdowns, according to a British study on Wednesday.

Reuters: Widespread mask-wearing could prevent COVID-19 second waves: study

“Our analyses support the immediate and universal adoption of face masks by the public,” said Richard Stutt, who co-led the study at Cambridge.

He said combining widespread mask use with social distancing and some lockdown measures, could be “an acceptable way of managing the pandemic and re-opening economic activity” before the development of an effective vaccine against COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus.


Steve Ivy

Way to go, Arizona #covid19

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Steve Ivy
Steve Ivy

So far in 2020 I’ve read 30 books. #quarantine #covid19

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Steve Ivy

God money’s not looking for the cure God money’s not concerned about the sick among the pure

Head like a Hole


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Steve Ivy

Another week, another 157107 #covid19 cases #uspol … I’ve started hearing the “we don’t believe the numbers” responses first-hand #SMH

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Steve Ivy

You know what’s manly and cool? Doing whatever it takes to protect your family, friends, neighbors, and community regardless of what others think. Oh you thought I meant a gun? No, WEAR A MASK. #covid19

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Steve Ivy

Love that trend line that says Arizona can start lifting pandemic activity restrictions #ohwait #covid19

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Steve Ivy

Wanting to pull together some thoughts on the novel coronavirus, #COVID19, and where we are here in #Arizona. But there’s so much to pull together I just get so tired. 🦠🗑🔥

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Steve Ivy

I’m compiling the books I’ve read just since April 9th - I’m up to 12, with 2 in-progress, one of which is Scalzi’s Last Emperox #covid19 #reading

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SIFTing Misinformation Online

Sifting Through the Pandemic is a site about how to recognize misinformation on social media, focused – obviously – on information about the pandemic. OneZero provides an example in this article, where someone claiming to be a doctor posted that hand-sanitizer would do nothing to kill the coronavirus (False!).

What I love about the system (SIFT) is how simple and memorable it is:

  • Stop
  • Investigate the Source
  • Find Better Coverage
  • Trace claims, quotes, and media to the original context

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Expiring Federal social distancing guidelines

Trump seeks to further distance himself from increasingly unpopular and politically costly coronavirus lockdowns.

“Unpopular”, “politically costly”, but effective at flattening the curve. I think maybe people don’t realize that in order to #flattenthecurve on #covid19 you have to maintain the suppression activities over the life of the curve. If you stop, the curve goes back up.

This are projections for Arizona from

Right now the “expected hospitalizations” curve is nice and flat, but lift the restrictions on activities too soon, and the demand for beds exceeds supply in about 10 days. Calling for new restrictions after they’ve been lifted would be a hard sell to a population frustrated with the isolation and hurting from the economic effects we’re already seeing. There’s no easy answer, but I believe that solutions are going to involved more government aid to – yes, small businesses – but especially to disadvantaged populations who are getting hit the worst.

#lockdown #stayhomestaysafe

#flattenthecurve #covid19 #lockdown #stayhomestaysafe

Steve Ivy

This data from is a week or so old, but this does NOT say “go back to work!” to me #covid19 #stayhomestaysafe

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Steve Ivy

There’s SO MUCH #covid19 data right now, discusses how to make sense of it all

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Steve Ivy

Introverts in the age of #COVID19

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Steve Ivy

#Arizona is flattening the #COVID19 curve, but opening up businesses anytime soon is going to set us back and harm many many Arizonans. Data:

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Steve Ivy

Thread: – Same people resisting masking, different pandemic. #COVID19 #masksforall #publichealth

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Steve Ivy

Evening project: started sewing simple tie-back surgical style cloth masks to donate. #covid19 #masks4all

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Steve Ivy

This Standford daily #covid19 health survey should be an app available for all platforms, promoted by the Whitehouse and CDC, with all responses anonymized and aggregated.

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Steve Ivy
Steve Ivy

#covid19 -world problems: dry, raw, scaly skin on my wrists from so much handwashing 💧🧼🦠

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Steve Ivy

Eryk Salvaggio created a terribly creative #data “auralization” of the market v. #covid19 cases made up of overlapping musical tracks. It’s at first interesting, then emotional. I do and don’t want to “hear how it ends”

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Steve Ivy

Been thinking a lot the last few days about how privileged my family is to be able to effectively shelter in place here in the suburbs, with most everything we need at hand. And I don’t expect even this to completely protect us. Thinking about those who don’t have physical, economic, societal access to safe environments. 😞 #covid19

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Steve Ivy

“Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of fabric?” (not me really) #diy #covid19

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Home Engineering

I’m no tailor, but I spent last night learning how to measure, cut, and yes, sew #diy face masks. We’re working from this series of videos on The Fabric Patch, a quilting site.

We acquired cotton fabric and some featherweight non-woven fabric (Pellon) from Joanne’s before the stay-at-home order came out in Arizona yesterday, so we’re working with that. I’m able to sew a straight stitch well enough, but struggling some with getting the fits right on family members, and we’re still experimenting with nosepieces (pipe cleaners are too soft, some 20g electrical wire might work)

I have always had huge respect for those who were wise in the ways of fabric, even more so now.

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Steve Ivy

Berlin clubs, empty due to community quarantine, are live streaming some great house sets… #techno #streaming #covid19

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