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Steve Ivy

We’re number one! #arizona #transmission #covid19 @dougducey

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Dear Governor Ducey

Sent today to the office of #arizona Governor Ducey:

Governor Ducey,

It is paramount that in the face of skyrocketing #COVID19 cases in Arizona, your office issue actionable guidance on mask/face covering usage to slow the community spread of the novel coronavirus. My family and I wear masks anytime we leave the house or our car, but we see almost no one doing the same right now unless the destination specifically requires it.

There are too many citizens who take your office’s “recommendations” as hand-waving suggestions, and the numbers speak for themselves.

Please, for the sake of your citizens, speak out quickly and strongly. Mandate mask usage in public for all our safety.


–Steve Ivy Gilbert, AZ

Arizona residents: Contact Governor Ducey

#arizona #covid19

Steve Ivy

Wanting to pull together some thoughts on the novel coronavirus, #COVID19, and where we are here in #Arizona. But there’s so much to pull together I just get so tired. 🦠🗑🔥

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Steve Ivy

“it’s beautiful out - it’s under 100°!” #lifeinarizona

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Steve Ivy

For to watch a great sunset tonight while waiting for my daughter outside at diving practice. #decemberinarizona

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Steve Ivy

a hawk just swooped past my second-story office window, shreiking. wonder what he was after? #lovearizona

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