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Steve Ivy

Looking for LED lights like Adam Savage (@donttrythis) used on his work light build, but Amazon is out with no timeframe on re-stock. Anyone found a good alternative?

#diy #shoplife

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Steve Ivy

So, while I do want to make a work light like @dontrythis, my lunch project was a basic friction-adjustment stand for my work light made with 12” square tube and a remnant of 1” square tube #diy #shoptime #project

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Steve Ivy

Welded up a bird-feeder stand for my parents this morning #diy #welding

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Steve Ivy

“Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of fabric?” (not me really) #diy #covid19

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Home Engineering

I’m no tailor, but I spent last night learning how to measure, cut, and yes, sew #diy face masks. We’re working from this series of videos on The Fabric Patch, a quilting site.

We acquired cotton fabric and some featherweight non-woven fabric (Pellon) from Joanne’s before the stay-at-home order came out in Arizona yesterday, so we’re working with that. I’m able to sew a straight stitch well enough, but struggling some with getting the fits right on family members, and we’re still experimenting with nosepieces (pipe cleaners are too soft, some 20g electrical wire might work)

I have always had huge respect for those who were wise in the ways of fabric, even more so now.

#covid19 #diy

Steve Ivy

@soapdog @[email protected] yeah the about page is broken because I haven’t written it yet ;P want to write a markdown-to-page handler for the site #blogging #diy

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Steve Ivy

Home Improvent Acheivement: Hang Ceiling Fan complete. #DIYcred

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