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On the Fedi and Viral Content

When people praise the lack of #viral content on Mastodon (or the #fediverse in general), it’s seems to be mostly white tech folks, happy for our clever bubbles to be left alone.

But for people who desperately need to be seen and heard, going viral on Twitter is one of the only ways for their stories to get told. #BlackLivesMatter, oppression in the middle east, genocides in Rwanda and South Asia, the #metoo movement – these movements couldn’t be ignored because they grew fast and visibly, making it hard for them to be ignored, dismissed, or covered up.

The Fediverse as it exists right now would see these movements isolated, defederated, gated by content warnings, and probably DDOS’d by bad actors running malicious instances. (“Mal-odons”?)

I guess right now I don’t want to see posts and think pieces about how “content can’t go viral” on the Fediverse (whether or not it’s true) is only a net-positive. For all its faults Twitter has been a positive force for social change and visibility in millions of people’s lives.

We must learn from it and ask how — if we are going to make a case for the Fediverse as an alternative to Twitter — we can be better while not throwing those of us in the most need back to the wolves.

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Steve Ivy

Help I’ve over-devops-ed my blog

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Time for bi-yearly web presence maintenance

What with Twitter (aka birdsite, hellsite, muskosite) flailing in the clammy hands of Dr. No, and interest in the federated web re-emerging, I figured it was time to review my own web presence and see what was the situation.

Dear reader, it was Not Good.

Warning one was hitting this site from my work network and getting a BitDefender screen of doom saying the site was serving a keylogger. NOT GOOD.

Then the site - which was hosted on Linode and runs my own homegrown blog software, Goldfrog - went completely down. After some “where did those ssh keys get to, where is this thing anyway” I got logged in and figured out that my server had been hacked in some way, TLS and letsencrypt removed. I haven’t had time to troll the logs for evidence as to how the server was accessed, but I downloaded them and have them set aside to look later.

We Can Rebuild It

Thus entered a week of figuring out once again how the heck Monkinetic is built and deployed, migrating the code from Github to Gitlab (which I’m more familiar with due to $dayjob), and refactoring the Ansible code that builds the server and deploys the blog/content.

Finally today I got it 85% done, which is pretty good for a full migration between hosting providers (I also moved from Linode to Digital Ocean where I already have some other services).


With the insanity on Twitter, I logged back into my Mastodon account on and enjoyed the huge stream of new folks migrating from Twitter to federated platforms (mostly to since that’s the first/largest instance, but folks are making their way from there to smaller instances as they get more comfortable).

Apparently Mastodon 4.0 is out (release candidate) and they’ve changed the annoying-until-it-was-gone “Toot” to “Publish”. I’d have preferred “Post” myself, but 🤷‍♀️.

Maybe servers should just change it to suit their audience?

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Steve Ivy

Prints of some of my recent paintings #abstractart #acrylics

Order yours here:

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Steve Ivy

I am unreasonably happy about a tube of paint and some palette knives showing up in the mail

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Steve Ivy

I can’t wrap my head around how queer Democrat Kirsten Sinema can act so Republican

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Steve Ivy

Look on Apple Music, I think there are more covers of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” than there are people on Earth Shot 2021-07-23 at 9.42.21 AM.png

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If only... Abstract Art edition

In 8th grade my Art teacher recommended I pursue (somewhat disdainfully I suspect) “commercial art” (graphic design, in the 70s) because I loved straight lines and geometric shapes. If only she’d studied Hilda af Klint, Paul Klee, and other abstract artists, I might be an artist right now instead of a computer nerd 🤣 #notlikely Shot 2021-07-20 at 8.50.41 AM.png


Steve Ivy

BTW - Hilda af Klint’s art would make stellar tattoos

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Steve Ivy

Discovering Hilda af Klint’s artwork. Shot 2021-07-19 at 11.26.10 AM.png

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Steve Ivy

Recent Netflix binges:

Working on:

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Steve Ivy

Still waiting for M1(2?) MBP 16, Apple

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Steve Ivy

It’s Pride month, and while we can wear T-shirts and change our avatars… I’m wondering how we can help trans folks who are in abusive and unsafe homes find safety.

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Steve Ivy

I’m working on my next tattoo idea, which may look something like and nothing like this: Shot 2021-06-02 at 5.41.54 PM.png

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Steve Ivy

Hey I got it working again.

It’s Pride month 2021. Shot 2021-06-02 at 5.37.29 PM.png

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Thoughts on the Criminalization of People of Color in America

Criminalization […] is “the process by which behaviors and individuals are transformed into crime and criminals”. Wikipedia

Not a day has gone by lately that I don’t see multiple examples online of the effects of the criminalization of people of color in America.

I did NOT grow up understanding this and I don’t know how to help.

In formal academically published theory, the real ruling class of a society reaches a temporary view on whether certain acts or behavior are harmful [Ed: to the ruling class] or criminal. Wikipedia (Emphasis added)

I’m thankful for the Seeing White podcast for the work they did which really open my eyes into how the legal and legislative process has been used consistently in America to redefine people of color as a criminal class – we cannot see Black and brown Americans as individuals anymore, we only see them through the lens of criminality.

This process produces an explanation and excuse in the minds of the ruling class for any and all injustices against minorities and lower classes: they deserve it, as members of the criminal class, and it enables the excusing of members of the ruling class (“Well, it’s not like he’s a criminal”).

I grew up a literal WASP and I’m ashamed of so many things I thought over the years. Worse, I can still recognize these deeply ingrained patterns in my own mind, even as I struggle to flip the script in my head.

Steve Ivy

chopsaw fun

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