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Daily Digest for Friday, Jul 28, 2023

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Steve Ivy

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Stop KOSA (Kids Online Safety Act)

KOSA uses two methods to “protect” kids, and both of them are awful.

First, KOSA would pressure platforms to install filters that would wipe the net of anything deemed “inappropriate” for minors. This [is effectively] instructing platforms to censor, plain and simple. [Countries] that already use content filters have restricted important information about suicide prevention and LGBTQ+ support groups, and KOSA would spread this kind of censorship to every corner of the internet. It’s no surprise that anti-rights zealots are excited about KOSA: it would let them shut down websites that cover topics like race, gender, and sexuality.

Second, KOSA would ramp up the online surveillance of all internet users by expanding the use of age verification and parental monitoring tools. Not only are these tools needlessly invasive, they’re a massive safety risk for young people who could be trying to escape domestic violence and abuse.

Write and call your representatives now. Stop KOSA can help.

PS. If a politician is evoking “the children” in a bill, it’s a red flag.

#censorship #privacy #kosa

Steve Ivy

From Mastodon:

…one of the best things I ever did (about 6-7 years ago now) was look for POC voices on Twitter to follow. I did the same here. But it was intentional because I was learning how small my bubble was, and it has made a huge difference in how I understand the world.

#intentionality #empathy #racism #whitesupremacy

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Steve Ivy

Republican/“Conservative” politics are characterized by not just callous but intentional cruelty.

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Steve Ivy

Apple doesn’t allow single-character app names, so I propose that Elon name his iOS app “Xitter” (pronounced “shitter”)

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Steve Ivy

Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project:

“These people are not limited government conservatives, they are unlimited government conservatives. They seek to use the power of the government to hurt their enemies.”

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Steve Ivy

We’re going to see the #Barbie movie today, I’m pretty excited. Anything that has Christian Conservatives frothing at the mouth is probably up my alley.

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