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Chris Krycho: Chrome is not the Standard

Chris Krycho wrote a thoughtful post about the state of browser development and web standards, and as developers, the tendency sometimes to see Chrome as the standard for what features browsers should be supporting. Chrome is not the Standard:

> Over the past few years, I’ve increasingly seen articles with headlines that run something like, “New Feature Coming To the Web”— followed by content which described how Chrome had implemented an experimental new feature. “You’ll be able to use this soon!” has been the promise.

> These are tradeoffs, plain and simple. Chrome ships new features fast, but they’re not always stable and they often have performance costs. Safari ships new features on a much slower cadence, but they’re usually solid and always perform incredibly well.

> That’s what makes the web so great, even when it makes things move more slowly. Sometimes — often, even! — moving more slowly not in the experimental phase but in the finalizing phase makes for a much better outcome overall.

Fellow #webnerds, it’s a good read.

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Steve Ivy

@lmorchard somehow knowing you’re hacking EVE market data makes you even cooler to this nerd. #nerds #internetspaceships

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Steve Ivy

When in doubt… #nerds

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Steve Ivy

I am saddened to learn that no one has created a cron utility called Cronan. You people are failing me. #nerds

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Steve Ivy

Kids watching the 70s Godzilla show on Netflix. Son happily growling out “UP FROM THE DEPTHS!” #dadops #youngnerds

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Steve Ivy

A decade-and-a-half later, and I still tend to pick css colors in that 256-color #nnn range. #oldnerds

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Steve Ivy

I hit 150 today, a huge milestone for me. #health #nerds

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Steve Ivy

Aaaand, hotel booked for All that’s left is the waiting. #python #nerds

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Steve Ivy

Some days the urge to build is so strong I’m typing code with LEGO in one hand. #nerdsbuild

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Steve Ivy

why yes, I did just wire #nvalt’s database of markdown files to a github wiki #nerds #markdown #github #gitinit

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Steve Ivy

it’s not every day you can use a line from Mystery Men as the /topic in your IRC room #nerdsplosion

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