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Fixed a couple of little bugs in #goldfrog - made it so that the webmention code doesn’t barf on servers with non-verifiable SSL certs, and updated the permashortid code so that Twitter doesn’t always link to the site for Notes

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“Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of fabric?” (not me really) #diy #covid19



Home Engineering

I’m no tailor, but I spent last night learning how to measure, cut, and yes, sew #diy face masks. We’re working from this series of videos on The Fabric Patch, a quilting site.


We acquired cotton fabric and some featherweight non-woven fabric (Pellon) from Joanne’s before the stay-at-home order came out in Arizona yesterday, so we’re working with that. I’m able to sew a straight stitch well enough, but struggling some with getting the fits right on family members, and we’re still experimenting with nosepieces (pipe cleaners are too soft, some 20g electrical wire might work)


I have always had huge respect for those who were wise in the ways of fabric, even more so now.

#covid-19 #diy

Read: Beacon 23 (#1-5)

Picked up this omnibus edition of Beacon 23 by Hugh Howey (Wool, Sand). Apparently it was original released in serialized form, which would have been really fun to read.

What would life in a space lighthouse be like? Why would you need one? What if there were empathic alien dog/cat/lynx beasts? What if you could get a high from a gravity wave generator?

Read to find out. 😀

#scifi #reading



#scifi #reading

Read: The Rebirths of Tao (Tao #3)

Yeah, I powered through this series due to #stayhomestaysafe, and happy I did. A really fun story, and enjoyed seeing many characters in theIo books introduced here in some more depth.

Between the two Io books and the three Tao books, I really want to read Io 3 (write faster, Wesley).


#scifi #reading #quasingwars


#stayhomestaysafe #reading #quasingwars

Read: The Deaths of Tao (Tao #2)

Book 2 of the Tao books by Wesley Chu. This series has gotten some guff due to The Lives of Tao being written as a National Novel Writing Month project, and perhaps I was more invested having read the Io books first, but dammit I really like these books.

Aslo, knowing that there was a third book in the queue, the ending of this one was a big WHAAaaa? (but it was worth it in book 3)

#schifi #reading #quasingwars


#scifi #reading #quasingwars

Read: The Lives of Tao (Tao #1)

Having first read the Io books, I finally realized that the Tao books (which I had been skipping in the library list of scifi books for a couple of years, why I do not know) were set 20 years earlier in the same universe and introduced about half the characters.

The Quasing Wars world is really fun to read, and the relationships that Tao and Io have with their hosts are both similar and entirely different.



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Ready for the Zoom birthday party


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Steve Ivy #

Today’s calming fishtank screen http://monkinetic.blog/uploads/fishtank_2.png

Read: Anyone, Charles Soule

“You are you”, and it took me until the just before the end to put the pieces together. Touches on #technology and #identity, #race and #racism, empathy, compassion, revenge, and a humdinger of an ending! #reading #scifi #reading2020



#technology #identity #race #racism #reading #scifi #reading2020

Read: The Rise of Io (Io #1)

Dual protagonists, bodied and unbodied, that will drive you crazy not knowing whether to love them or smack them or hate them, with stakes both personal and global? What’s not to love? #reading #scifi #reading2020

Ok, and I JUST realize that this is set in the same universe as Chu’s “Lives of Tao” books, which I skipped, but now have to read. I am facepalming SO HARD.



#reading #scifi #reading2020

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Ok, I’m tired of putting off writing about what I’m reading just because I don’t have custom “read”-handling code in #goldfrog yet. So I’m posting links to books I’ve read since March 4, 2020…