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I'm joining YouGov

TL,DR: I’m joining YouGov as a Senior Python Developer, working with the survey systems team.

Slightly Longer Version…

For the last 6 years, I’ve been working for Wells Fargo as a python developer and unofficial feature team lead for a team in their infrastructure technology organization. I started with Wells as a web developer (in fact my title remained Web Developer (level) for my entire career there) but my focus really become building and supporting systems that connected OpenStack and bank business systems. It was challenging, rewarding work, and the team that grew up around this effort is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

But there came a time I looked around and realized that my work and responsibilities did not reflect the goals and priorities I had set for myself and my career.

My work with YouGov will involve lots of Python application development, naturally, but also give me exposure to big data, ETL processes, some statistical work, and some devops work. There’s a lot that I can bring to the table, and a lot that I’ll be learning, which is one of the things I was looking for in a new position.

I am really looking forward to this!