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The inventors of techno are also black americans

Detroit, early 1980s, techno is invented by three friends who happen to be black:

High school friends Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May, known as the Belleville Three, are known as the creators of techno music. Kevin Saunderson is the person who made sure techno music got to the masses by 1983.

The History of Techno Music from Black Music Scholar

Techno came out of Detroit in the 1980’s as underground dance music and subculture. Techno music took technology and made it a black secret.

The three tracks linked on that page would play in any house club today. I’d’ve danced the crap outta these when I was clubbing. HT to for suggesting I google “black inventor techno”.

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(I may or may not be chairdancing to Tranzister right now)

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Steve Ivy

damn you Apple and your Alternative Hits of 1989 playlist #oldpeoplemusic

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Steve Ivy

Been hitting the oldies today, especially this track from Jam & Spoon from 1995: Jam & Spoon’s* Hands On Yello ‎– You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess #trancetechno #music #electronica

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Steve Ivy

Claro Intelecto - In Vitro (Volume I & II)

Resident Advisor reviews the new Claro Intelecto compilation:

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Drive To The Ocean sales to support Pathways to Paris

Michael Stipe is selling recordings and videos of his new track, Drive to the Ocean, with much of the proceeds going to Pathway to Paris:

> Pathway to Paris brings together musicians, artists, activists, academics, mayors, and innovators to help raise consciousness surrounding the urgency of climate action and offers solutions to turning the Paris Agreement into action.

Purchased - and would have even if Micheal was putting all the proceeds in his lovely pocket - but I’m really glad to support Pathway to Paris as well.

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Michael Stipe is making music again, thank you

Michael Stipe, who just celebrated his 60th birthday, is making music again, and it’s really good music.

Hearing this makes me happy and sad. I can hear echoes in this song of some of R.E.M.’s work on Up and Reveal, which were departures from their previous work and were generally disliked by fans (myself included at the time). Listening now I feel like this was a direction Michael wanted to go a long time, but fans weren’t ready for it. I’m really glad he’s getting to make his own music now.

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Steve Ivy

Michael Stipe is making music again, thank you

Michael Stipe, who just celebrated his 60th birthday, is making music again, and it’s really good music.

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MONSTER Blew My Mind


R.E.M. recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of 1994’s MONSTER, an album that french-fried expectations of both critics and fans of R.E.M., after the success of the rich, string and mandolin-y flow of ‘92’s Automatic For The People.

Me? I loved AFTP so completely. I have multiple singles and special releases, including the one in an actual wooden box with vellum prints of the band (back when packaging was a thing). I was living in the states when MONSTER was released, and I recall rushing to play it for my small group of friends, who honestly looked at me like I was insane. Monster was SO different, so raw, simultaneously in your face and hiding behind a flash facade. Grinding electrics, stripped back thumping percussion, and Michael Stipe alternatively crooning or growling.

The first track, and first single, Whats the Frequency, Kenneth? – I was hooked from the first guitar, and Buck’s possibly-recorded-backwards-then-played-forwards solo left me agape. My CD copy of the single is scratched now beyond believe, but treasured.

Crush with Eyeliner’s droning guitar wah, backed by Mike Mill’s walking bass lines #chefskiss she’s three miles of bad road

Make your moneyKing of Comedy introduced voice-crushing compression on Stipe’s and Mills’ vocals, perhaps for the first time? I was all “whuuuh whoa”

I don’t sleep I dream, dreamy piano, atmospheric distortion, and a more tom-driven drum background that keeps the song less driven than almost rolling forward. Also featuring Stipe – Stipe’s falsetto – on lead vocals.

Star 69 starts fast, stays fast, and still Mike Mills lays down interesting bass lines throughout. The title makes sense to us olds, ask your mother. squirrelies didn’t chew the wire

“I don’t know, why you’re mean to me”, starts Strange Currencies, a slow, rising tune that doesn’t so much confront as much as wish. Stipe brings his plaintive, meaningful voice to this and I’m there for it. During a bridge, playing the strings above the bridge of his guitar, Buck adds a childish, toy-like section that is both sweet and creepy.

Tongue is a full falsetto crooner from Stipe, over a (likely Mills-provided) Hammond organ. Not my favorite track on the album, but I won’t skip it either.

Bang and Blame is a pretty full rocker, still with Bill Berry’s steady but tom-heavy drums keeping the song rolling more than driving. The guitars, with a long, echoey reverb, are more accent than impact.

Nice tag at the end, too.

I Took Your Name is another guitar-heavy rocker, with the wah and distortion cranked to 11. Another one that’s not a fave, but I usually won’t skip it. It definitely has its moments. There was some confusion, some confusion, as to who’s to blame

Let Me In – another song I will often put on repeat, Let Me In is Stipe’s, and the bands’, tribute to Kurt Cobain. The guitar is heavy, droning, omnipresent. I believe in concert Mike Mills sometimes played Cobain’s left-handed sky blue guitar for this track. Stipe’s voice is almost reverent, plaintive, then powerful as he sings out his love for Cobain.

Circus Envy – another WTF tune that is really fun to listen to even while SMH at the crawling, self-loathing lyrics. Put pepper in my coffee I forgot to bark ON COMMAND

YouI woke up in a sleeping bag, with no where else to run I love you crazy just keep on I love you madly just keep on I love this album just keep on


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Steve Ivy

“…keep catching that butterfly, in that dream of mine…” The Verve on pre-launch bug fixing. #musictoworryby

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Steve Ivy

after Green, Document may be my favorite R.E.M. album. #oldmanmusic

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Steve Ivy consistently plays great Trance. #musictohackby

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Steve Ivy

“I can’t wait to see you start building with all this” – my wife re: the 48lbs of #lego. #musictomyears

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Steve Ivy

getting my trippy danceradioglobal groove on this morning. #trance #techno #musictoreviewcodeby

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