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Read: Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

Wow, thanks to Idan Gazit for recommending Robert Jackson Bennett’s #scifi #fantasy novel Foundryside.

Every think programming is magic? IT IS. Ever wonder complain that your code is doing what you said instead of what you meant? BEWARE. Magic and technology, mystical hacking, sentient objects and the ancient and tormented souls that drive them…

You’re going to love it. Thanks Idan.

#reading #reading2020

#scifi #fantasy #reading2020

Steve Ivy

Picked up Foundryside (by Robert Jackson Bennett) from our local digital library thanks to a recommendation by @idangazit #reading #scifi #fantasy

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Steve Ivy

Also on the topic of #fantasy literature: I’ve found that I’m deathly allergic to most Anglo-centric narratives. The moment I see druids, fairies (or worse The Fae or derivative), I pretty much always click “Back” hard.

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Steve Ivy

After getting a bit tired of my library’s digital collection of #scifi, I’m branching off into #fantasy for a while, and finding some great series to dive into. I really need to add to my list of “books-read” posts #reading2020

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Steve Ivy

Apparently python does not have a keyword ‘enumberate’, thought it should. #python #fantasykeywords

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