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The Craftsman's Jig

I really like a good #codeascraft comparison. From DeployHQ, via Zeldman:

Woodworkers and web developers have this in common:

Visit a professional woodshop and ask a master carpenter what her favourite tool is. You may find it’s not a tool in the traditional sense, but a “jig” she built. In woodworking, jigs are patterns or templates built to make repeatable tasks more efficient and outcomes more consistent. Building a one-off bookcase may not warrant building a jig. But, if you’re building three or four of the same bookcase, it’s likely worth building a jig first, then using that jig to build the bookcases.

Our jig consists of a small command line application which integrates publicly accessible API’s from these service providers

Taking the time to make the tools to help do the work is the best thing to do, and knowing when to take that time is an important part of an engineer’s maturing process (see #yakshaving, Code As Craft)

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