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Steve Ivy #

#COVID #privilege

I’m trying to keep my social media exposure down because it’s just adding to my stress, but this is my regular reminder that I am extraordinarily privileged to be currently riding things out while working from home.

Things will get worse, but right now there are SO MANY folks already suffering and I realize that.

Steve Ivy #
Steve Ivy #

I’ve been mostly quiet about the presidential race because… to be honest I’ve been quiet about everything about #politics for a while.

I do want to write a bit about the process, and the President, and I will be posting more as the race goes on, but here are a few opening thoughts:

I’m embarrassed that our nation elected Trump, and I’ve spent the last 3 years trying to pretend it didn’t happen. That I can simply ignore the state of things is a sign of my immense #privilege as a middle-class white dude who is very gainfully employed in tech in America, and I’m looking for more ways to use that privilege to lift others.

I want to vote for a woman (again), so I’m looking for ways to help out.

I will vote Biden if I absolutely must, and Bloomberg was wrong to ride the “white, non-Bernie, non-woman wave” rather than putting his $$$ behind one of the current Democratic candidates.

Right now I like Klobuchar and support Elizabeth Warren. I’m glad Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand ran, but they’ve dropped from the race due to lack of financial support.

In general, I really like the themes that we see in Klobuchar’s and Warren’s campaigns: hard work and planning, two things that are the antitheses of Trump’s candidacy and presidency.