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Daily Digest for Wednesday, Aug 9, 2023

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Steve Ivy

Probably not the new site logo and slogan, but you never know…

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Steve Ivy

Discord #poetry

the joys of online chat the growing branching living conversations violently mulched and spread inches thin on line-ruled floor stacked and strung one by one a flowing river frozen into immobile ice

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Steve Ivy

When you’ve managed to make it too hot for cacti to survive, you’ve broken the desert. #climatechange #cacti #heatwave

Cacti need to cool down at night or through rain and mist. If that does not happen they sustain internal damage. Plants now suffering from prolonged, excessive heat may take months or years to die, Hernandez said.

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Steve Ivy

I can’t seem to find documentation on what content types #Mastodon supports in the actual “status” content. I’ve seen posts with inline links and basic formatting, but don’t know how to post them.

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