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Daily Digest for Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020

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H.R.2382 - USPS Fairness Act

To our elected “representatives”: The United States Post Office is one of the most powerful forces for democracy in our nation, giving rich and poor, native-born and immigrant, people from every social class and structure Equal Access under the law. There are those who, for years, have been seeking to limit the ability of the USPS to do it’s job, because it benefits them to disempower and disenfranchise those who differ in face/class/privilege.

DO NOT stand with those who would destroy one of the most American of institutions.

Support and PASS H.R.2382 - USPS Fairness Act

How I Became a DIYer in 25 Easy Steps (an Exploration of Privilege)

A thread on Twitter started me thinking about what it takes to get good at DIY, so here’s my helpful list of what you too can do to get good at DIY

  1. I just decided to do a project!
  2. for the house I own (ie can modify)
  3. and I have the physical abilities (strength, stamina, co-ordination, mobility etc.) to attempt the project
  4. and I have tools
  5. in the garage I have and
  6. have time to use the tools
  7. i could afford
  8. thanks to the job
  9. i got with my high school
  10. and college education
  11. where I earn enough
  12. in little enough time
  13. to have leisure time
  14. to use the knowledge I got
  15. from watching my Dad
  16. and some tools i inherited from my dad
  17. who had a garage
  18. on the house he owned
  19. thanks to the job he got
  20. with his college education
  21. which he parents could afford
  22. thanks to the job my grandfather had
  23. thanks to his skills in the military in WW2
  24. and the education he got
  25. thanks to the GI Bill

HT to jmz for the reminder about physical capabilities, another privilege I forget every day.