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Daily Digest for Friday, Jul 24, 2020

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The inventors of techno are also black americans

Detroit, early 1980s, techno is invented by three friends who happen to be black:

High school friends Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May, known as the Belleville Three, are known as the creators of techno music. Kevin Saunderson is the person who made sure techno music got to the masses by 1983.

The History of Techno Music from Black Music Scholar

Techno came out of Detroit in the 1980’s as underground dance music and subculture. Techno music took technology and made it a black secret.

The three tracks linked on that page would play in any house club today. I’d’ve danced the crap outta these when I was clubbing. HT to for suggesting I google “black inventor techno”.

#blackhistory #musichistory #erasure

(I may or may not be chairdancing to Tranzister right now)

#musichistory #erasure