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Daily Digest for Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020

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Vacation in the Time of COVID

Soon we are headed out to California for 5 days just to get out of Arizona for a bit. But this is not “vacation”, this is “move the quarantine temporarily to another state”. We realized this morning that planning family #travel is more complicated now, with way less mental energy available to plan.

What used to be pretty standard “get us out of the house for 5 days” activities now feel like huge tasks which we have to accomplish with our brains 94% occupied by #covid19, #blacklivesmatter, #racism, and other current events. Just the idea of cleaning house (for the pet-sitter) feels insurmountable.

#travel #covid19 #blacklivesmatter #racism

Steve Ivy

We’re number one! #arizona #transmission #covid19 @dougducey

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Steve Ivy

Thought: Capitalism destroys culture because nothing has value beyond profit derived from its consumption.

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Steve Ivy

There a LOT of error cases when writing a #webmention server implementation #indieweb #goldfrog

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