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Daily Digest for Friday, Jan 31, 2020

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Steve Ivy

Finally watching the last ep. of The Mandalorian and the two speeder bike troopers are giving off mad Red vs. Blue vibes.

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The Coming Kingdom of America (uspol)

I think we’re looking at the coming end of a government with co-equal branches. The Senate Republicans, tying their pursuit of personal power to Trump’s own, have abdicated their Constitutional role and are effectively handing Trump a monarchy.

I suppose they cannot imagine a Democrat taking the position again, or believe in that case they will simply find a way to again redefine the Presidency on their own terms? I don’t know.

#kingtrump #uspol #crimeboss

#kingtrump #uspol #crimeboss

Steve Ivy

I wanna update my blog code but I dug too deep, too fast… #diffsOfMoria

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Steve Ivy

Wait, which is the party of Rich White People again?

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