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Daily Digest for Monday, Jan 9, 2012

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Habit Breakpoints

One of the results I want to see from this year is to drop about 15 pounds from my “I-sit-at-a-computer-all-day” belly. I’ve never been a “dieter”, and I’ve scorned traditional diet foods / drinks, especially those with the artificial sweeteners in them, and prided myself on my commitment to good old-fashioned American refined sugar. Oh, I do love my sugar (and likewise, the sugars-in-waiting, carbs).

Steve Ivy

My Herman Miller Mirra chair should arrive tomorrow. My Behind is looking Forward to it. #sadtrombone

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Steve Ivy

Come play my game.

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Steve Ivy

Django’s would be easier to read if the label came first in a pattern. #codeux

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Steve Ivy

”…the collection of unconscious processes we’ve developed for living life without having to think too much…” –

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Steve Ivy

@sudama Thanks! Will keep that in mind.

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Steve Ivy

“Mischel refers to this skill as the ‘strategic allocation of attention,’”

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