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Daily Digest for Tuesday, Jun 14, 2011

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Steve Ivy

They’re going to build a shop where we can go and buy bolts and screws #hardwarestore

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Steve Ivy

@rands it’s the miracle of watching a process in action, with every step visible. Same for watching manufacturing videos.

~ # 17:58 ~

Steve Ivy

Helping a veloci-wiki user debug her install. I love this part of OSS. I’ve benefited from many authors’ help. #community

~ # 18:29 ~

Steve Ivy

Reading others’ code is like watching a clever assembly line in action. Understanding it is your brain being rewired. /cc @rands

~ # 18:32 ~

Steve Ivy

Brilliant UI on @redbox – slide the iconic disk box off the screen to the right just as the movie is dispensed. Delights every time.

~ # 19:45 ~

Steve Ivy

The Dude is killing it in True Grit. Absolute brilliant casting.

~ # 20:34 ~

Steve Ivy

My record with the Coen Bros films is spotty; True Grit is a masterpiece.

~ # 21:52 ~

Steve Ivy

Started learning the baseline to Weird Al’s “Fat”. Seems familiar. Oh well.

~ # 23:53 ~

Steve Ivy

PIcasa is an ok image management tool, but it’s a shit OS X app. No drag-from-app, printing is teh suck.

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