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Daily Digest for Friday, May 7, 2010

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Steve Ivy

Used this on BBQ’d chicken again tonight. Still rocks the socks.

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Steve Ivy

The move to Snow Leopard continues to keep my days “interesting”. Like that Chinese curse. #perl #mysql

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Steve Ivy

early opinion on new Google look: Love the logo, don’t care for the new search UI that much #google #ui #search

~ # 17:27 ~

Steve Ivy

@brianoberkirch Sites like @engadget and @gizmodo are the same: a single hidden-ish link to original item, and 42 in-site links in the text.

~ # 18:37 ~

Steve Ivy

@brianoberkirch these sites are just click-traps, not “web” sites #needlesslyinflammatory

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Steve Ivy

thanks to @miyagawa for his gracious help with perlbrew and cpanminus. @sixapart has some awesome folks. @miyagawa is a rock star. #perl

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Steve Ivy

re: @facebook could have really helped the “semantic” web simply by having the “like” JS recognize hCard, hReview, etc.

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Steve Ivy microformats could have put the “open” in “open graph protocol”.

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