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Daily Digest for Saturday, Jun 20, 2020

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Steve Ivy

One thing I remain impressed about with #golang: I almost never see “alternate libraries” for things like http, networking, html parsing. The builtins are good and well-documented, and there’s a culture of using what’s provided.

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Steve Ivy

Cynicism, sarcasm, and snark are defense mechanisms against difficult feelings, and I’m trying to set them aside and “sit with” the things I’m processing right now.

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Steve Ivy

TFW you’re teetering on the edge between using the #microformats library to find h-cards and their properties and writing an entirely new wrapper to make finding #webmention comments “easy”

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Bob the Tomato on Racism in America

Wow, Phil Vischer, creator of the wildly popular (in the 2000s) Veggie Tales christian kids series and voice of Bob the Tomato, made a video discussing the history of race in America:

It’s amazing, and I’m going to link to some similar videos from black creators, but thought this is a great intro for us white evangelicals who are just getting our heads straight.