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Daily Digest for Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

Steve Ivy #

Swiping #Macos Spaces feels very #scifi on a curved monitor #swoosh

Steve Ivy #

wanting to be able to post from my phone has me learning about css grid and flexbox, so there’s that #css #webdevelopment

New Posting UI on Goldfrog

I’ve started messing around a bit with javascript-enhanced UIs for #goldfrog. Rather than use all of JQuery, I decided on a small subset of Jquery’s functionality as implemented by Sprint.JS.

  1. I only load the JS for me, since I’m logged in.
  2. It’s only used on the home page to power the new switchable post form, and
  3. It powers a character-counter for the note UI.

Here’s the new posting UI:


I’m trying to implement some basic progressive enhancement - the forms work as is without javascript, but the switcher and the counter are niceties for me, the author.

#webdevelopment #progressiveenhancement #goldfrog

Steve Ivy #

Is RSS Dead? Newp. http://isrssdead.com/

Steve Ivy #

allergies suck ™