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Daily Digest for Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020

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Steve Ivy

Trying a standing desk. Wonder how long I’ll last in the morning.

~ # 03:29 ~

Steve Ivy

#standingdesk update: it’s been 2 hours. Legs aching, back on fire, sweat breaks out across my brow. Never has anyone striven for so much, so long. Rescue unlikely, expecting the sweet embrace of death. Tell my wife I loved her. #drama

~ # 14:30 ~

Steve Ivy

Wow, I’ve been a terrible #opensource maintainer… I need to re-familiarize myself with pystatsd

~ # 16:59 ~

Steve Ivy

From work chat: “ie, perl-ish. which is a bit like elv-ish. amazingly powerful, but say it wrong and you’re a toad” #perl

~ # 18:54 ~

Steve Ivy

while being a privileged beneficiary thereof, I can say that #capitalism is objectively terrible

~ # 19:13 ~

Steve Ivy

Achievement Unlocked: used “chuffed” correctly with a native brit

~ # 19:48 ~

Steve Ivy

Christian Clauss is working on moving pytatsd to Github actions for automated testing and builds #python #statsd #opensource

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